The best way to Get All Ajan Klaus Kyber Bricks and Characters in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

To get all of the Ajan Claus House Kyber Bricks and characters in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you want to full two aspect missions (Hoth and the Troubled and Jedi Textual content Message) and destroy a Kyber Brick Comet. The difficult half is that a kind of aspect missions, specifically the Jedi textual content message, really begins on the resistance camp on Ajan Klaus.

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Facet Mission: Hoth and Troubled

Reward: Snowtrooper

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Change to a Protocol Droid and discuss to the NPC ship (marked as “character” on the map), which is flying round Ajan Claus’ house. It turned out to be a cowardly courier. Settle for the Courier’s Hoth and troubled aspect missions after which journey to Hoth house. Alongside the best way you may be attacked by three squadrons of TIE fighters, so struggle them, then report back to the insurgent ship once they arrive.

Goal: Kyber Brick Comet

Reward: 5 Kyber Bricks

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Kyber Brick Comet Ajan Kloss is inscribed on the house map. Discover and destroy it to get 5 kyber bricks and a few studs as properly.

Facet Mission: Jedi Textual content Message

Reward: 1 Kyber Brick

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Possibly that is what you’re caught on, as a result of the Jedi textual content message aspect mission Azan Claus doesn’t begin in house. As a substitute, it begins on the floor of Ajan Klaus, within the resistance camp. To unlock the Jedi Textual content Message aspect mission, you’ll want to finish the second breakfast puzzle, in order that the Beaumont Kin could be accessible to offer you missions. After finishing the second breakfast, discover Beaumont on the bottom subsequent to Tantive IV, discuss to him, and settle for the Jedi textual content message aspect mission. Learn the Datalog subsequent to it, and also you’ll see the next clue:

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“By the shapes in house, within the order you fly, counting the edges, from lowest to highest.”

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The primary clue on this puzzle is “in house”, so Ajan Claus travels to house. Find a bunch of 4 oddly formed asteroids (they’ll be marked in your map as Kyber Brock), away from the primary asteroid subject. Fly by way of the asteroids beginning with the one with the fewest sides, and ending with the one with probably the most sides. So, on this order: circle, triangle, sq., star. Get the order proper, and the Kyber Brick will seem in the course of the 4 figures.