Strangers of Heaven: Final Fantasy Origins: All Purple Orb Locations

how different Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Like every other game in the franchise, it still strives to appeal to JRPG fans, even if the gameplay is far more action-focused than some might think. You still have a party of magic, equipment (probably too much equipment), levels, and leads to defeat some of the greater evil known as Chaos. On the other hand, it’s a much more linear game that’s structured to take on bespoke missions in different locations, rather than allowing you to explore one world. This can be a cause for concern for some, especially those who believe that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin There will be a small campaign and nothing more.

don’t be afraid because Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin There are actually a lot of side missions. In fact, in addition to the usual extra missions that you can do in previously completed levels, there are a total of seven secret side missions that you need to find hidden purple orbs in order to unlock and access. These side missions are known as Memory Mementos, which are described as the final thoughts of other fallen characters. In addition to the usual rewards you get for missions, these secret missions promise to unlock new battle memories within you as well. Jack doesn’t have time to mess around when hunting Chaos, so here’s a complete guide to where each purple orb is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin,

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bound by crimson secret mission location

Go to the Refrin Wetlands stage and proceed as normal until you interact with another Weather Orb to calm the weather. Proceed a little further to a large tree with a purple monster growing on it that you intend to kill, causing the tree to collapse and create a bridge for you to move on. Instead, go right and drop down the rock near the waterfall on a hidden path. This will take you to a cave with a purple orb at the end guarded by a tonberry.

Scarlet Memories: Savior Secret Mission Location

Next, we move on to the Crystal Mirage stage during a Familiar Location mission. This orb is near the end, so continue until you reach the Hall of the Brace: Ground Floor, and work your way up the stairs leading to a stubby pillar. However, instead of climbing all the way to the top of the tower, stop at the second landing and turn to the right. Above the edge, you should see a platform on which you can fall. From here, keep falling down from section to section until you reach the last one with the purple orb waiting for you.

Indigo Memories: Disgraced Secret Mission Location

In the Rogue Arbor Memories of the Poison mission, again we have to go through almost the entire stage to reach this orb. Fight your way through until you hit the cave of the dying light, just before the last set of cubes in the big cave. Kill all the enemies inside and head back where you’ll see a bunch of vines, but a deeper look will see a small opening in the ground into which you can fall. Trim and kill the flower at the end to weaken the vines initially so you can back away and break through them. The orb is right inside for you.

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Indigo Memories: The Discovered Secret Mission Location

During Fire of Memories at Mount Gulag, run until you reach the Path of Destiny section where you have to play Indiana Jones as an enemy pushes down a boulder at you. Get out of the way and climb the path he rolled. From here you can actually see the orb from the fork in the road. Go towards the chest, but just before that look on the left side of the path for an area where you can go down. Get down and just follow the trail to your next purple orb.

Indigo Memories: Stabbed Secret Mission Location

You should be on your toes at the beginning of the Terra Tortura level. You are given three options to proceed, but the gate we need is the farthest one on the left. Keep avoiding the trap until you have crossed your second short bridge. This area is full of potholes. You may or may not fall, but we are looking for a very specific hole in which to fall. Thankfully you can see the purple orb before you actually fall into any, so just look at each one carefully and head downstairs to collect the one you see inside.

Azure Memories: The Steamed Secret Mission Location

Inside Earth Caves, during Earth Memories, you’ll come across a large purple hallway before a cubic section. There is an optional door that you can take to the right. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you trigger a trap that causes the walls to close in on you. Ignore any enemy and just run for him, take him to another trap room. Keep running from trap to trap until you finally run out into a more general area, with stairs ahead. Ignore that and break a breakable wall on the left side of the room. This sneaky ball is right behind the rubble.

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Coral Memories: Greedy Secret Mission Location

Don’t feel greedy to go after this orb in the ruins of Machina as it is probably the least difficult of all. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Proceed as normal until you reach the green area with the giant cannon on the bridge. It is right next to a rest station. For safety, first turn off the cannon. After that, head to a specific pile of rocks in the middle of the room. The final purple orb is hidden on the other side.

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