Lego Star Wars: Youngsters of Skywalker Saga is indestructible—and your finest unused software

It’s widespread for video video games to cease gamers from operating rampant and hitting minors, and the brand new Lego Star Wars isn’t any completely different. However whining over minifigs will be helpful for far more than simply venting your frustrations.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga launched this week, and naturally, gamers are testing the bounds of what they will do throughout the confines of the sport. Slaughtering everybody and every part is only one of many issues to be taken off the checklist.

Builders can’t win relating to bloodbath of digital and fully actual youngsters. It’s a novelty when you’ll be able to, or it might probably probably result in hilarious outcomes when you’ll be able to’t. However these Lego little’uns are proving to be extremely helpful of their indestructibility, as a bunch of avid gamers on Twitter are discovering out.

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@RedOrbFragment tweeted that youngsters don’t take injury within the newest Lego Star Wars, which is par for the course at this stage. However you’ll be able to add to them the ever-loving snot that turns them from impenetrable god-level NPCs into helpful traversal instruments.

Within the video above, you’ll be able to see @RedOrbFragment utilizing this technique to remain afloat. As he says in his tweet, “You should use the children to cross massive potholes and cross empty area.”

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Forward of the thread, he shares a clip from his Twitch channel (opens in new tab) the place he climbs to the highest of a Jedi statue utilizing this technique alone. This can be a nice trick in the event you’re in search of out-of-reach collectibles!

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Lego children additionally make nice coaching dummies, with one Twitter consumer joking that ‘Lego Might Cry’ is actual, together with some critical child juggling movies.

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OP Adds (opens in new tab) That this technique can be utilized “to get anyplace”, particularly when used with completely different characters’ talents.

So it’s on them! Being thrown on the finish of a lightsaber is one thing children within the Star Wars universe aren’t acquainted with till now. Not less than this time, they will mud themselves off when you’ve got enjoyable.