Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Gamers Are Utilizing Immortal Youngsters for Air Combo Apply and Stage Skipping

Do not forget that a part of Revenge of the Sith when Anakin kills the Jedi’s youngsters? That scene in all probability wouldn’t have been as horrifying if we’d seen him along with his lightsaber slamming youngsters into the air, like what Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga gamers are doing.

It’s been barely a couple of days to the sport and gamers have discovered that the kid characters, or at the very least the younger Anakin, don’t take pleasant hearth harm and subsequently can’t be killed. Whereas this was intentional on the a part of developer Traveller’s Tales, which in all probability wasn’t, it means they could possibly be paired in mid-air with a lightsaber combo for a extremely, actually very long time.

As proven on Twitter, that is actually enjoyable to have a look at and virtually resembles a Satan Could Cry sport, the approach can be utilized to cross massive potholes and successfully skip elements of a stage. Is. Relying on which Jedi you play, you may as well climb vertically and attain areas you shouldn’t.

It wouldn’t be a shock if this know-how is adopted by speedrunners sooner or later. Though it’s completely attainable that Traveler’s Tales will patch this exploit in an replace, together with different bugs and glitches that sadly plague the sport. Not less than in the intervening time, anybody who doesn’t like Anakin can get pleasure from smack round him endlessly.


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