Genshin Impression ‘Finish of the Line’ Occasion Quest Puzzle Walkthrough

finish of harmful path jenshin impact The occasion locations you in a complicated time-based area, the “realm of snaring phantasm”, the place it’s important to remedy a puzzle nice compass To proceed. Our jenshin impact ,finish of the roadThe walkthrough explains the steps to finish this area with ease.

This area will drive you to battle as Yanfei, Yelan and Xiao, so don’t fear an excessive amount of about what characters you carry.

When you watch the occasion cutscene, you can be tasked with getting into a site that’s marked in your map. Take part and you can be positioned in a brand new realm as Yanfei. From there, merely full the steps beneath:

  1. Defeat two waves of enemies as Yanfei.
  2. As soon as they’re crushed, destroy tree shoots Subsequent to the semi-buried compass. To work together with Compass transfer the needle,
  3. Head via the gate and defeat the subsequent set of enemies as each Yelan and Yanfei.
  4. work together with swap On the again of the compass (pictured beneath).
  5. transfer the needle So it’s pointing as precisely as it may possibly.
  6. Head via the gate once more and battle the enemy as Xiao. Assault the Purple Shroud with eyes to advance.
  7. Eliminate the spider and the online that’s now blocking the cave you opened in step 4.
  8. Utilizing the compass contained in the cave, transfer the needle again So it’s pointing fully to the left.
  9. Head via the gate once more.
  10. The compass will now be totally open. transfer the needle So it’s pointing to the image on the underside proper.
  11. Run via the gate one final time.
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Work together with this swap in step 4 to proceed the puzzle. Picture: Hoovers by way of Polygon

After you’ve executed that, an extended cut-scene will show the Traveler and the remainder of the gang, and you’ll then declare Primogems and different prizes via the Occasions menu.

When you clear that, you can even do Yellen’s story quest, “Umbrebilis Orchis Chapter: Act I – The Calculated Gambit.”