Find out how to beat Dokugumon in Digimon Survive?

Your first boss battle in Digimon Survive is with Dokugumon, a large spider with venomous assaults and sticky webs. While you take away the webs from a desk within the classroom, you be taught that Aoi has gone lacking, captured and trapped by Dokugumon. The one option to save him is to defeat Dokugumon and his minions. After the opening cutscene the place you employ your newly discovered spirit lamp to burn and weaken the Dokugumon, the tactical a part of the encounter begins.

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Dokugumon Preventing Methods

The battle with the Dokugumon takes place in a big room with no obstacles to fret about. It spawns within the nook, away from its three little minions. Due to this, it’s a good suggestion to isolate every enemy and battle them one after the other. This provides you some quantity of safety in numbers, which is essential for conserving each the Labramon and the Agumon alive (a requirement for combating). Extra importantly, it additionally makes it simpler to assault from the edges and again, which provides you with an enormous injury bonus. That is particularly helpful for Dokugumon, given its massive well being pool. Nonetheless, it’s essential to take out the minions first, to keep away from being overwhelmed when extra of them seem later. Agumon needs to be particularly beneficial right here, as these enemies are susceptible to fireside injury.

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While you deliver down Dokugumon’s well being within the first stage, a cutscene performs out by which two extra minions are summoned to a far nook of the room. In retaliation, Agumon receives a burst of power, unlocks its earlier evolution and transforms into Tyrannomon. This makes the final a part of the battle somewhat simpler than the primary, as Tyrannomon’s injury is considerably elevated in comparison with that of Agumon. The most effective methodology right here is identical as in step one. Merely set targets apart and do your greatest to make use of flanking to your benefit. Nonetheless, for this stage, it’s much less essential which command you’re taking from every enemy, as you gained’t have to fret about reinforcements any extra.

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