Elden Ring participant discovers simple counter to one in all Melania’s most terrifying assaults

Out of each difficult boss combat Software program has thrown at gamers through the years, I don’t suppose I’ve seen extra moaning on the finish of Elden Ring (opens in new tab) than Melania (opens in new tab) . He has principally every thing that makes battles tough within the sport of souls. She hits extremely exhausting, rushes in the direction of gamers who attempt to run away from assaults, and gained’t stagger out of your meager hits. no less than not with Conventional assault. A month after its launch, an Elden Ring participant has found the simplest counter he has ever seen to one in all his deadliest assaults: a pot.

Mild spoilers for Melania’s boss combat beneath.

The technique, shared by Reddit consumer toxicbird7 (opens in new tab), which has garnered over 12,000 upvotes and a slew of these Reddit rewards, is shockingly easy. Her waterfowl dance assault, the spiny-sword-slushie combo she does so much in her first part can really be canceled totally by throwing the freezing pot. See the technique in motion beneath:

simple_accessible_counter_for_malenias_waterfowl r/Eldenring. From

When you’re like me and have spent the final 100 hours within the Ring of Elden largely ignoring ritual pot throwables, don’t fear. Toxicbird’s useful video additionally consists of the place to seek out the recipe wanted to organize the freezing pot. To unlock the recipe, you’ll want the Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook (6), which could be present in a facet room at Caria Manor.

After you have the recipe, all that you must do is ritual utensils (bigger model of torn pots) and a particular flower known as Rimmed Crystal Buds Which develop within the mountains of giants.

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The video explains the place to seek out them – you’ll discover a cluster of crystal buds close to some massive pillars near the Internal Concentrated Snowfield Web site of Grace. Since ritual utensils are reusable, you’ll have to make extra later, crystal buds. Toxicbird explains that the catch is {that a} single frozen pot will solely stun Melania twice earlier than her resistance grows. After that it’s important to make two throws, which is tough however doable.

The excellent news is that, relying in your attacking energy, it’s possible you’ll solely want twice to cross his first stage. You possibly can deal numerous injury in that period of time, much more so once you don’t have to fret about dodging the waterfowl dance. I want my good friend knew about this tactic earlier than I misplaced her to Melania about 70 instances (no less than half of them as a direct results of the Waterfowl Dance).

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