All Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Laborious Ranked to Controller Out the Window

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course enlargement is lastly right here, and whereas it errs just a little on the small facet, it’s nonetheless a whole blast offering a few of the most creative and artistic bosses in your entire recreation. With that in thoughts, we thought we’d put all of the bosses out the window, from exhausting to controller.

Whereas there are six primary bosses within the DLC, there’s additionally an extra secret boss that we thought we’d embrace right here as effectively. So, with out additional ado, let’s get began, lets?

,Spoiler alert: Should you don’t desire a main plot level spoiled Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course, flip again now.,

glumstone the enormous

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

Stage: Gnome Method Out

Most Difficult Stage: Remaining Stage at Glumstone Giants Stomach

Rounding out the checklist is the Glumstone big and regardless of his appointment because the “best” proprietor on right here, he’s in no way a pushover. Primarily, he’s an enormous ol’ mountain big with *Examine Notes* gnomes from Doncie (apparently the collective noun for a bunch of gnomes is Doncie — hey, we each discovered one thing new at this time!).

Whereas maneuvering shifting pillars, gamers have to verify they don’t get hit by swarms of flying geese, in addition to gnomes with hammers that can reprimand you in the event you keep on one pillar for too lengthy. And that’s earlier than factoring in these pesky imps who’re busy making nasty potions that shoot projectiles into the enormous’s mouth.

The reality is, these early phases will be troublesome, however it’s the third and remaining stage—once you’re taken to the glumstone big’s stomach—the place you’ll actually be examined. You’ll want to hold crossing the skeleton crocodile’s pink tongue and the deed is an efficient ‘un’.

moonshine mob

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

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Stage: Bootlegger Boogie

Most Difficult Stage: 2nd Stage with Gentle Bug and Gramophone

Much like Ribby and Crocs from the unique, Moonshine Mob are a handful of unsavory gangsters to gamble. First, you’ll conflict with a spider mobster who summons a swarm of fly thugs to kick your butt.

Subsequent, you’ll be going toe-to-toe with a lounge-singing mild bug, however it’s truly his gramophone that’s the true hazard right here. You see, the gramophone blasts out six sound waves that spin clockwise and anti-clockwise across the display screen that are actually troublesome to keep away from. Lengthy story quick, this stage can actually catch individuals who aren’t prepared.

Lastly, you’ll have to soak up an enormous anteater that brings you a trilby hat. That alone isn’t too dangerous, however you’ll want to try the cheeky snail on the finish of this struggle hiding below the anteater’s bonnet. you’ve been warned!

angels and demons

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

Stage: One Hell of a Dream

Most Difficult Part: Part One

Curiously, the Secret Boss in The Scrumptious Final Course has just one stage. The factor is, it may be fairly daunting, particularly in the event you’re undecided what to do.

The important thing to this struggle is to do not forget that any enemy you face shall be an angel who can’t damage you, and any enemy who follows you’ll be a satan. can do damage you. In different phrases, this boss struggle is a continuing balancing act the place you’ll be busy swinging forwards and backwards to keep away from being hit by too many projectiles.

Fortunately, this boss has a reasonably low well being pool in comparison with the others on this checklist, so it shouldn’t take you lengthy to place this pair down six ft.

Esther Winchester

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

Stage: Hello-Midday Hoopla

Most Difficult Stage: Remaining Stage with the Tin of Sausage

The one side-scrolling shoot-’em-up stage in your entire enlargement is that of Esther Winchester, the cow working Hoover, who’s additionally a captivating cowgirl as well. This Boss Begins Robust And Ends With, Properly, Even and louder,

Sure, his first stage is extraordinarily difficult, as you’ll have to keep away from an assortment of projectiles flying across the display screen. Fortunately, the second and third steps concerned in the midst of the encounter are comparatively easy, which can hopefully offer you some respiration room amidst all of the mayhem.

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Greatest saved for final, nonetheless, she morphs right into a tin of beef sausage. Stated sausages are actually difficult to maneuver, however hold spamming these missiles and she or he’ll finally go downhill quicker than you may say “Howdy, associate.” Yee-hau!

the howling aces

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

Stage: Doggone Dogfight

Most difficult stage: remaining stage with laser turrets, adopted shortly by display screen spinning clockwise

A Bulldog fighter pilot with a wingman who likes to dodge tennis balls at you, The Howling Aces begins off simply. In truth, even the second stage is a stroll within the park in comparison with most of the different opponents you’ll encounter throughout your journey.

However boy, once you lastly get to the ultimate stage, does it get robust so that you can stroll. Maneuvering a really slim platform of the wings of an airplane, not solely do it’s a must to cope with a extremely tough laser sequence, however the recreation may even resolve to spin every part at 90-degree angles that utterly stun you. – Will get busy.

Oh, and once you’re tremendous distracted you’ll even be tossed with a flying purple and yellow canine bowl. how type! Truthfully, we’re going to attempt luck on this one, however if you would like recommendation, we’d undoubtedly suggest a house weapon just like the Crackshot or Chaser to assist wind down this particular struggle.

mortimer freeze

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

Stage: Snow Cult Scuffle

Most difficult stage: remaining stage with floating platform and aurora borealis

Not going to lie, this took me and a good friend a very long time to beat. It actually helps to study the primary stage just like the earlier stage of your hand, as you ideally wish to undergo the second and third phases with as a lot HP as attainable.

Primarily, Mortimer Freeze is a rotten, bearded previous man who likes to kill issues with an enormous whale. He additionally has command over a bunch of cute icicles. However don’t let their cuteness offer you a false sense of safety. Significantly, they’re simply little assholes who actually wish to rain in your parade.

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In the course of the second stage, Mortimer transforms into an enormous ice beast and also you’ll must make your bounce completely to keep away from his devastating roll. And at last, lastly the aurora borealis is simply the icing on the cake (learn: absolute worst) Maintain shifting close to the middle of the display screen, and keep away from a number of projectiles and ultimately, you’ll finally reign supreme.

Chef Saltbaker

Cuphead: The Scrumptious Final Course Boss, Ranked

Picture credit: Studio MDHR by way of Twinfinit

Stage: A Dish to Die

Most Difficult Part: Each Part I and Final

so right here we’re. The last word boss and hardest boss in The Scrumptious Final Course is definitely… the pleasant Chef Saltbaker! Yeah I do know. You most likely noticed that flip a mile away.

You see, the discuss with Chef Saltbaker is his first And The ultimate steps are robust like ol’ boots. You’ll be battling a display screen stuffed with cooking elements flying across the display screen in addition to a extremely annoying ball of fireplace that likes to be drawn to you. And that is simply the primary a part of the struggle.

The second stage may also be notably prickly, however so long as you retain your weapon primarily aimed on the 4 paper shakers in every nook of the display screen, which then blow up and kill the dastardly pastry prepare dinner within the mug, You’ll get to the subsequent half quickly.

Right here, you may loosen up, as a result of the third stage is a complete doddle. Don’t fear, you’ve earned it! Finally, the ground will give method, and also you’ll be tasked with maneuvering between floating platforms. Sadly, Saltbaker’s mischievous coronary heart will float and there shall be an actual buzz.

Ms. Chalis’ Horizontal Tremendous Artwork will turn out to be useful right here, or you may go for Invulnerability Tremendous Artwork, alternatively. No matter you do, you’ll additionally want just a little good ol’ luck, as this step is as exhausting as titanium-tipped nails. With just a little persistence, you’ll quickly be bringing down this nefarious loin-slinger. Good luck and godspeed: you bought it!