6 Disney Worlds We Must See in Kingdom Hearts 4

trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 Launched followers to the world of Quadratum, which is similar to the true world (therefore Sora’s realistic-looking, final dream-esque makeover). Strelitzia, the woman who lives there and wakes up within the Tokyo condominium of Sora, tells Sora that Quadratum is like an afterworld for folks like her, however it is filled with life for everybody else. As collection creator Tetsuya Nomura just lately defined in an interview with Famitsu, this one is a unique actuality than Sora, so he gained’t be there perpetually, nor will he quit his new kind as soon as and for all. Will return to his universe. ,

That being mentioned, there will likely be loads of different worlds for Sora and Co. (as soon as Donald and Goofy discover her) the place she’s going to retain her unique kind – pointy hair, clown footwear and all (or no matter outfit) He wears it based on the motif of the world by which he finds himself). Nomura confirmed that a number of worlds are in growth however didn’t specify what they’re.

Now comes the enjoyable a part of the Kingdom Hearts promotional cycle: speculating that the Disney and Pixar worlds would possibly make it into play. Listed here are six I must see Kingdom Hearts 4 (The one that may be teased already).

star wars

at first of Kingdom Hearts 4 Within the trailer, followers see a leg of what seems like an AT-ST walker. An artifact like which means that a Star Wars world will likely be within the sport—particularly, Endor.

For these of you who aren’t Star Wars fanatics, Endor is a fuel planet within the outer rim that’s dwelling to the Ewoks, that are teddy bear-like creatures. return of jedic, and has extra vegetation than every other planet within the Milky Approach (which explains the purple spores launched from its timber). That is additionally the place the Empire created the second Loss of life Star and mentioned Loss of life Star was destroyed, taking with it the Emperor and Darth Vader.

A potential story situation for this world could be for Sora, Donald and Goofy to endure Jedi coaching with Luke Skywalker and observe Princess Leia and Han Solo, in addition to Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO, as they Raid the Forest Moon of Endor, shoot some Stormtroopers, and face AT-ST and Darth Vader in boss fights. Possibly we’ll see Sora carrying the lightsaber keyblade. Kingdom Hearts is already like Star Wars in its personal proper, so it looks as if a pure match.

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Though Pixar’s world Forward Full of legendary creatures of every kind – elves, unicorns, goblins, trolls, pixies, manticores and mermaids – the superior know-how adopted by all of its inhabitants renders virtually all magic ineffective. Nevertheless, some nonetheless research the artwork of magic, as 16-year-old elf Ian Lightfoot tries to revive his father, Wildon, on his birthday utilizing a magical workers gifted to him by his mom. If Yen Sid and the Three Good Fairies truly labored their magic on Sora and the gang, Sora would nonetheless have the ability to solid magic along with his keyblade.

On the danger of an out-of-this-world cutscene being a shot-for-shot remake of the unique movie, Sora and the crew may go on a quest to seek out the Phoenix Gem with Ian and his brother, Barley, and fulfill the magic of the encounter. who will carry them. Dad again for a day. Alongside the best way, they’ll combat ruthlessly because the aforementioned creatures, conflict with the Pixie Bike Gang, and combat the cursed stone dragon—and will likely be at it to combat off any flying heartless whereas using atop Barley’s van. , Sora can even give Ian the life lesson that anybody may be his actual father, even when he’s not his organic one. She ought to know, she is raised by Donald and Goofy.

talking of which …

a goofy film

We’ve Visited Queen Minnie at Disney Fort Kingdom Hearts 2, I chatted with Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie at Disney City Kingdom Hearts: Beginning by Sleep, and fought with Mickey, Donald and Goofy of their musketeer varieties Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Nevertheless, there’s one Disney Toons world that has survived Nomura’s contact: Spoonerville, Goofy’s hometown within the Goofy film universe.

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Exterior of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, everyone knows that Goofy has a son named Max, based mostly on his appearances in goof troupe, a goofy filmAnd A really goofy film, In addition to a couple of different TV reveals and direct-to-DVD films from the early 2000s. Nevertheless, Goofy doesn’t point out Max even as soon as throughout his adventures with Sora and Donald. This world looks as if a loopy thought even by Nomura’s requirements as a result of any reminiscence Goofy, and by extension Pete, might need had their lives cleaned up in his film/TV universe, however it’ll be enjoyable to see. How his dialog with Max, who could also be a younger faculty graduate, will play out. If Nomura goes together with it, it most likely gained’t be so bizarre.



Future Islands apart, Polynesian Islands the place moana The third nautical-themed world within the Kingdom Hearts collection will likely be the little Mermaid And Pirates of the Caribbean (Okay, possibly fourth should you embrace Neverland Peter Pan As a result of it’s simply an island in an countless ocean). Within the movie, the titular character is chosen by the ocean to return Te Ka, a volcanic demon to the center of Te Fiti, who has created the island of Moana after the demi-god Maui steals the relics to present humanity the ability to create. However a frost was brought about. , Moana seeks Maui to revive her and information her to the island of Te Fiti to rescue her folks.

The story will intently observe the unique supply materials – although hopefully it gained’t be as shut as tangled And frozen accomplished on the earth Kingdom Hearts 3 – and can play within the model of gameplay for this world The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker As Sora and the gang combat Heartless like pirates, threatening to sink them into the depths of the ocean. They might additionally tackle Kakamora, Tamatoa and Te Ka as potential boss fights.



zootopia Sora and the gang will likely be a enjoyable, furry world to run round in. Donald and Goofy will retain their unique varieties and Sora will develop into a fursona of no matter animal Nomura chooses to draw. He may very well be a rabbit, a tiger, a chicken, a fox or a lion as a result of he was already one within the Satisfaction Lands. Kingdom Hearts 2,

in zootopia, Rabbit Officer Judy Hopes and con artist Fox Nick Wilde kind a partnership to seek out all the kidnapped hunter-gatherers, solely to find that the mayor’s assistant, Lamb, was the mind behind an try to take over the town. . story of the world Kingdom Hearts 4 will likely be set after the occasions of the movie, the place Nick leaves behind his con artist and turns into Judy’s companion within the ZPD, leaving loads of room for creativity. Sora and the gang will assist the police clear up crimes and examine chilly instances. teller or an episode of Gotham,


Winner of this yr’s Academy Award for Finest Animated Characteristic, encanto Disney had a runaway hit of 2021 in each theaters and Disney+, which started streaming the movie on Christmas Eve—only a month after its theatrical premiere. Set in a magical realm within the mountains of Colombia, the movie finally follows Mirabel, the one member of the Madrigal household with no magical powers that may profit the agricultural titular village, as she searches for the sentient dwelling by which she and her Multi-generational households are falling aside and their magic is fading.

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with hit songs like we don’t discuss bruno, floor stressAnd dos orugitasIt’s straightforward to imagine that there could be a plotline that would come with rhythm sections set to these songs, identical to Atlantica. Kingdom Hearts 2, However Cassita didn’t consider giving anybody the reward of music, not to mention Mirabel, in order that she may stroll off the desk. As an alternative, Sora should combat the Heartless which is able to manifest because the decay of the Home of Madrigal and the household affected by generational trauma because of the excessive hopes of matriarchy for all.

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