5 issues to count on from the Pokémon Scarlett and Violet trailer on June 1

Tomorrow, The Pokémon Firm will air a brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlett and Violet. Since we don’t know a lot about these video games in the meanwhile, we’re wanting ahead to discovering out as a lot info as doable. Listed here are 5 issues to count on from the trailer that airs June 1 at 6:00 PM PDT.

new pokemon

Since we’ve already gotten our first have a look at the three new starter Pokémon in Scarlett and Violet, it’s fairly doable that we could also be launched to a different new Pokémon on this trailer. It’s fairly doable that we’ll at the very least get a glimpse of among the Pokémon that might be discovered within the first few passages of the sport by tracing their names and typing.

For instance, in one of many first trailers for Sword and Protect, we noticed some early passage Pokémon like Wooloo and Corvickite roaming the tall grass. We’d like to see among the new designs on this trailer for Pokémon that we’ll encounter in-game.

It’s additionally doable that there might be at the very least one or two older Pokémon that get new regional variations, and will characteristic them on this trailer as properly. Simply as Pokemon Sword and Protect gave us Gallerian kinds for Pokémon like Meowth, Ponyta, and Zigzagun, we are able to see that a few of our favorites can get new regional kinds as properly.

area title

The world we’ll be exploring in Pokemon Scarlett and Violet is a brand new place we’ve by no means traveled earlier than. From what we’ve seen from the primary trailer, it appears like the world is predicated on real-life areas in Spain.

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We will inform this from the kind of structure within the first trailer because it seems to be impressed by historic-Spanish structure; Moreover, there appear to be locations which can be primarily based on real-life landmarks such because the Sagrada Familia and the Plaza de Espaa in Seville.

Regardless that we are able to inform that the brand new area we’re exploring is impressed by Spain, we nonetheless don’t know its title. It’s fairly doable that the brand new trailer will inform us what this new enviornment is known as, and it’ll most likely have a Spanish-sounding ring to it.

new gameplay gimmick

All latest generations of Pokémon have launched a particular gimmick to boost the turn-based fight gameplay.

In X and Y, Mega Evolutions have been launched to make battles extra thrilling. In Solar and Moon, Z-Strikes made its debut so as to add a brand new layer of technique to the struggle. And in Sword and Protect, dynamaxing was the brand new gimmick added to the gameplay.

In fact, Scarlett and Violet will introduce their very own model new gimmick to make the battles fascinating. It’s exhausting to foretell precisely what it is likely to be, however we count on that no matter it’s, we’ll see it in full swing throughout the trailer.

field artwork and legend pokemon

In virtually each era, the field artwork depicted the legendary Pokémon that might be featured in every recreation: Gold/Silver had Ho-Oh and Lugia, Ruby/Sapphire had Groudon and Kyogre, Diamond/Pearl had Dialga and Palkia, Black/White . Reshiram and Zekrom, X/Y had Xernias and Yveltal, Solar/Moon had Solgaleo and Lunala, and Sword/Protect had Zassian and Zamazenta.

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We count on the field artwork for Scarlett and Violet to additionally depict the primary legendary Pokémon from the 2 video games. In truth, it wouldn’t be stunning if the trailer ends with a tease for the 2 primary legendary Pokémon from this era which can be concerned within the plot indirectly. This will help gamers resolve which model of the sport they wish to purchase.

launch date

It’s about that point of yr when Pokémon will get a stable launch date. Normally, the primary video games of the collection are launched within the second half of the yr, particularly in November.

We totally anticipate that, on the very least, the Pokémon Scarlett and Violet trailer will kick off with the sport’s launch window, which launches someday in mid-November. It’s probably that The Pokémon Firm already has a particular launch date and can select to share it on this identical trailer.

Late Friday by means of mid-November are the eleventh, 18th and twenty fifth, so these are potential launch dates to remember. In fact, The Pokémon Firm might select to alter issues up for these titles, they usually might come out on a completely completely different window. Nonetheless, we count on the corporate to share its plans to launch the subsequent era of Pokémon video games on this trailer.