5 Anime Characters Who May Defeat Killua Zoldik From Hunter X Hunter (And 5 He’d Wipe Out)

Killua Zoldik is certainly one of Hunter x HunterMost liked characters. Being raised as an murderer, Killua realized varied methods that serve him properly in battle. Through the Chimera Ant arc, he may be seen killing varied ants with out utilizing any of his Nan talents.

As soon as Killua learns Nan, he’s nearly invincible. He can outlast nearly each character Hunter x Hunter, And though he’s not the strongest bodily, he can simply incapacitate enemies by giving them an electrical shock.

Notice: This record is subjective and displays the private views of the creator. It additionally incorporates spoilers for every anime collection listed.

5 characters that may simply defeat Killua in a struggle, together with Sasuke and Utsuro

1) Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto,

Though he doesn’t use many power-based assaults, Sasuke is an extremely highly effective energy consumer. After honoring and perfecting Chidori and inventing Kirin, Sasuke rapidly turned one of many strongest customers of this factor in shonen anime. He is likely one of the strongest shinobi in the entire Naruto The collection, matched solely by Naruto Uzumaki.

Regardless of how adept at utilizing Killua Nan, he won’t ever maintain a candle to Sasuke Uchiha in battle. For the reason that two are at a totally totally different stage of power, Sasuke will have the ability to win in opposition to Killua very quickly.

2) Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter,

Isaac Netero was as soon as thought-about the world’s strongest nan consumer. And since he was the president of the Hunter Affiliation, nearly each hunter revered him tremendously, no matter their emotions in direction of him. Netero has mastered his unmatched bodily talents and his Nan skill by means of years of rigorous coaching.

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Initially, Killua thought Netero was a frail outdated man. Through the Hunter Examination arc, Killua may be seen expressing easy methods to simply kill Netero if he wished to throughout a ball sport. Nevertheless, he later learns that that is undoubtedly not the case. Netero will in all probability have the ability to defeat Killua as he’s now with out even utilizing the total energy of the 100-Sort Guanyin Bodhisattva.

3) Utsuro (gintama,

Utsuro might be the strongest character gintama, He’s not solely a grasp swordsman, however he’s additionally fully immortal. many characters gintama Have tried their greatest to kill Utsuro, however nobody has come shut. Each time they tried to kill him throughout a struggle, his immortality would take them without warning and provides him an opportunity to retaliate.

Though Killua may simply injure Utsuro repeatedly, his stamina would ultimately run out. This may give Utsuro the opening wanted to dominate and take down Killua throughout their struggle.

4) Saitama (one punch man,

Saitama, or Capped Baldy, is a liar character identified for his unimaginable skill to beat anybody with a single punch. Though he by no means reveals his true power, Saitama is totally unmatched by all of the fighters in his collection. Each time there was a menace to humanity, solely Saitama was in a position to cease it.

Within the battle in opposition to Killua, Saitama will certainly emerge victorious. Killua is unquestionably much more expert than Saitama, particularly along with her varied killing methods and Nan talents. Nevertheless, each Saitama’s velocity and power are far forward of these of Killua, which might permit him to realize a swift victory over the previous murderer.

5) Saiki Kusuo (Saiki Ok. the damaging lifetime of,

In one of many biggest comedy anime of all time, Saiki Kusuo’s protagonist can also be extremely highly effective. A few of his biggest talents embody super-strength, telekinesis, thoughts management, and time journey. He makes use of these talents and lots of different talents to attempt to maintain his life as regular as doable. Though he has by no means used these talents in fight, Saiki is ready to take down among the strongest characters within the anime.

Saiki’s huge vary of talents completely crush something Killua’s able to. He may simply disable Killua with petrification or a psychic maintain. Saiki may simply maintain Killua below thoughts management and power her to go away the struggle.

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5 anime characters who would lose to Killua

1) Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia,

For the reason that inception of the collection, Deku has made an unimaginable progress not solely in his persona but in addition in his power. She is now not a weak crybaby unable to defend herself, however robust sufficient to struggle in opposition to the strongest villain within the collection. Regardless of all this, Deku leaves no probability in opposition to Killua.

Utilizing his Nan talents, Killua can transfer at lightning velocity, and his lightning can disable stronger opponents. At the moment, Deku just isn’t quick sufficient to outwit Killua or robust sufficient to face up to a stun assault from Killua’s highly effective lightning. Nevertheless, after totally mastering One for All, Deku will definitely have an opportunity in opposition to Killua.

2) Tanjiro Kamado (demon slayer,

After his dying by the hands of Muzan – Tanjiro Kamado turns into a demon slayer after vowing to avenge his household – and makes Nezuko human once more. Throughout his journey as a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro learns varied sword methods that make him a power to be reckoned with within the collection. Though he’s not a Hashira, he’s an extremely highly effective Demon Slayer. A lot of his methods would permit him to outlive the struggle in opposition to Killua, however not for lengthy.

Killua will almost definitely solely use his killing methods since his Nan talents will likely be excessive. Tanjiro can actually counter a few of Killua’s assaults utilizing Water and Solar Respiratory, however he’ll ultimately be overwhelmed by Killua’s superior stamina and bodily power.

3) Levi Ackerman (assault on Titan,

Levi Ackerman Has the Strongest Non-Titan Shifter assault on Titan And a fan favourite. His standing as Ackerman basically offers him the bodily talents of a Titan whereas nonetheless human. Levi has probably the most single kills of any Survey Corps member, in addition to the perfect struggle sequence.

Levi’s fight talents develop into obvious when he makes use of Omni-Directional Mobility (ODM) gear; He was in a position to single-handedly take out Kenny’s whole squad and produce Zeke Yeager to his knees twice.

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If Levi and Killua’s struggle takes place in a metropolis, Levi has a a lot increased probability of surviving the struggle. The true potential of ODM gear shines most in terrain with a number of buildings, permitting the consumer to maneuver freely in any course. Levi made a very good chase earlier than ultimately being overpowered and defeated by Killua’s godspeed.

4) Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen,

Yuji Itadori is the present vessel for Ryomen Tsukuna, the king of curses. Her bodily power is totally uncommon, as a result of even with out using cursed power, it outweighs most different people. Gojo and Megumi touch upon how robust Yuji was after they first noticed him in motion. And after studying easy methods to manipulate the cursed power and put it in his fist, he acquired an opportunity to struggle in opposition to the curse.

Sadly, Yuji nonetheless doesn’t have an opportunity to struggle in opposition to Killua. Utilizing the Velocity ​​of Lightning, Killua can simply overtake Yuji and electrocute him, permitting Killua to win. Nevertheless, this might trigger Ryomen Tsukuna to imagine energy, and a struggle between Tsukuna and Killua would have a completely totally different final result.

5) Kazuto Kirigaya (sword Artwork On-line,

Kazuto Kirigaya, or Kirito, is only a common man in the true world, however as soon as he dives into digital actuality, he turns into extremely highly effective. With every deep dive he takes, Kirito appears to be getting even stronger. At any time when these he cares about are at risk, he at all times finds a approach to amass the unimaginable skill to verify he wins.

If he can use these talents in his struggle in opposition to Killua, Kirito has an opportunity to win the struggle. Nevertheless, if he’s not in a position to, he rapidly turns into an everyday person who Killua can take out instantly.

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